Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Moderator Intervention

I'm glad to see so many questions getting posted on this Blog. Hopefully it is helping people with the application/interview process.

I really appreciate and encourage interaction between blog visitors but I have had to delete some inaccurate information recently. I try to delete all of the inaccurate information but I may miss some.

If you answer questions that are posted please limit your responses to your own personal experience and please stay away from speculation.

If the response to your question is from "NUPOC INFO" then you can trust the answer. It is coming from a Nuclear Trained Naval Officer with specific and accurate knowledge of the NUPOC program. Other responders may provide accurate information but take it with a grain of salt.

Please feel free to exchange experiences and information that you are sure is correct but refrain from answering program specific questions. I (Or another Nuclear Trained Naval Officer) will answer those questions as soon as I can and the answer is sure to be accurate.

Good Luck - thanks for your contributions and helping to make this Blog a great source of information.

EDIT - #1 Nuclear Programs Officer is also a legitimate source of information.