Monday, December 7, 2009

NUPOC Interview Invitation Email

If you get invited for a NUPOC interview then you can expect to receive the following information in the form of an email. I think this is good information to know well before you are invited. The actual email will contain more specific information about hotel and travel arrangements.

Congratulations, you are invited to the (DATE) NUPOC interview in Washington DC. Hopefully, you have started your interview study preparations. More study info can be found at
Work with your recruiter to get your itinerary. I will give you a call before the trip to answer any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions or concerns at any time.

1. Bring a business suit. Admiral Donald is equivalent to a CEO of a Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation.
2. Bring Photo ID. You'll need identification to get onto the Navy Base.
3. Bring a personal Credit/Debit card and some cash. You will have to provide the hotel with a credit card to cover incidentals (Movies, phone, alcohol). The rooms and food at the restaurant will be charged to Navy Recruiting. You will need to purchase a Metro card and $10 should cover your trip.
4. Bring an Umbrella. We will walk to the Navy Yard from the hotel (about 1 mile, wear comfortable shoes). It helps applicants get their blood pumping before the interview and is the quickest way to get to the Navy Yard during rush hour traffic.

Nothing else is required. All pens, pencils, paper, and calculators will be provided at the interview.

I will be escorting you, call me at (Escort Phone Number) when you get to the hotel and we will plan on meeting up in the lobby later in the evening once everyone has arrived. I will arrive in DC the day before the interview in the evening.

If you get there with enough time, use the metro to see some of the sights in the city, just let me know where you are so you can find out when to meet up. Bring some extra cash if you want to go out and celebrate the night of the interview.

I will escort you to the Navy Yard on the morning of the interview. Be sure to wear your suit/coat & tie. Phones are not allowed inside the building due to security issues, so you should leave them in your room. We will wait in a conference room where you will be assigned interviewers. You will have at least two technical interviews, maybe a third. Don't be discouraged if you get a third interview, it's just another opportunity for you to impress someone else. Also, do not think that you have passed based solely on only having two interviews.

1. Write down exactly what you are asked.
2. Sketch it out and talk through what is taking place.
3. Agree on some assumptions; leave some space for future assumptions.
4. Write out your governing equations.
5. Do the math. (if you get stuck make an assumption, justify it, and move on).
6. Check the answer (reality check and second method if possible).

WRITE NEATLY and ORGANIZED. Focus is mainly on calculus and mechanics.

You should never answer a question with I don't know. Their job is to assess your ability to pass nuclear power school. If you answer "I don't know" to a chemistry question then to them that means you don't remember anything from chemistry and when you go to power school you will have to relearn it. There isn't time to totally relearn a class at power school. So tell them what you do know, let them get the impression that you just forgot the equation to use, not everything about the subject. I will explain further when I call you sometime over the next couple of days.

After the technical interviews you will interview with Admiral Donald. His profile is available on the web. You will spend 2-3 minutes with him. No matter how well or poorly your technical interviews went, you get a fresh start here. The Admiral will be evaluating you for your presence. A specific trait called "command and control", meaning you are the kind of person he feels will stand up and be in charge of his nuclear power plant. Speak assertively (but don't yell at him!), and give brief and confident answers, but take care to not come across as arrogant. For example, if he asks you why you had a D in Thermodynamics class, don't answer "b/c my prof didn't speak English." Say something like, "I had poor study habits at that time, I learned my lesson as proven by my future semesters, and I intend to carry those good study habits with me to power school." I will discuss some more do's and don't on the phone. At the end of your conversation, you will wait outside his office to hear if you have been selected or not. The final official event, assuming you are selected you will go back down to the conference room, fill out some paper work, then swear in. If you are not selected you can wait around or take off, it will be up to you.

Verify your recruiter has sent me your enlistment documents. Call me if you have any questions or concerns.

Congratulations and Good luck!