Monday, September 28, 2009

Lower GPAs (<3.0)

Your GPA is not the only thing Naval Reactors looks at when they are evaluating your application. While it is important to have a good GPA NR understands that it does not tell the whole story. But since what you supply to them is the whole story - you will have to add mitigating documentation to have a fighting chance.

Some information that can be helpful for mitigating a low GPA:

- Technical work experience - Include a discussion of the work you have done and submit a letter of recommendation from a supervisor.

- Letter of recommendation from a senior Naval Officer (O-5 or above) - Talk to the local NROTC or Naval Recruiting District Commanding Officer and request an interview and letter of recommendation. If the officer is nuclear trained ask him for a brief technical evaluation as well. If the officer is not a nuke work with the local NRD to help you find one that can give you a technical evaluation. The letter of recommendation should talk about you as a person and the tech evaluation should detail specific questions asked and the interviewers asessment of your answer.

- Come visit us at an NR screening event (posted under upcoming events) and bring your transcripts. An NR representative will be there to look at your transcript and make an on the spot evaluation. If he can't give you the thumbs up immediatly then you will be able to get an idea of what will make your application more competative.

- Retake Classes - If you have done poorly on several technical classes - retake them. It will show effort and a willingness to improve.

All of these tips should help anyone (not just those with lower GPAs) but they won't guarantee an invitation to interview.

Bottom line: If you have a lower GPA you aren't necessarily out of the running. There are ways to improve your application but you will have to do some leg work and a positive outcome is not guaranteed.

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